I’m Lauren. Serial organiser, life-long procrastinator and occasional philosopher.

By day, I work as a communications consultant in Newcastle and study for my MA in Public Relations in Sunderland.

By night, I spend my time chasing after the world’s most stubborn child and browsing social media.

In the UK alone, social networking sites Facebook and Twitter have over 32 million and 19 million users respectively – with others following closely behind.


With the public continuously building their following and digital presence it is easier than ever for brands to tap directly in to their customers’ personal networks.

I wanted to start this blog to explore the ethics of social media for commercial use – investigating how and when brands should be able to connect with the public, gathering public and professional opinion, and giving examples of social media gone right and when it can go very wrong.

It would be great to hear about what you think so feel free to comment with your own views, and remember that sharing is caring.